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Company History

In 1991:Hangzhou changming robotization eqipment factory was set up
In 1995:Hangzhou shuguang electric power factory was set up.
In 1998:Hangzhou shuguang electrical factory was set up.
In 2002:Hangzhou shuguang electrical CO.LTD was set up.
In 2007:Become the member of national high-voltage insulation work team.
In 2007:Shuguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd and the Ningbo Electric Power Bureau cooperation develops the 40.5kV shielding Spout and Bushing, is the Zhejiang Province Electricity company technological project; Domestic first obtains the national monopoly and the new product new technical appraisal which organizes through the Zhejiang Province Electricity company;
In 2008:The domestic enters "SGCC of Centralized procurement of Supplier Scale" only the table of contents insulation Manufacturer;
In 2008:The first phase construction of the new factory was started.
In 2009, the company participated in the formulation of the National Medium Voltage Insulation Parts Standard;
In 2009, the company developed the 126kv high-voltage electric display device;
In 2010, the company was one of the enterprises that passed the review of the national Qualified Supporting Enterprises in High-voltage Switch Industry (Epoxy Insulators);
In 2011, the new office building was put into use;
In August 2011, Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. KYN61-40.5 Fault Seminar was held in the company;

In November 2011, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary and move.