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Company Mission

The mission of company

1.Supply safe and reliable insulation products for the customers.
2.Make sure the electrical equipment run safely.
3.Become advanced enterprise in researching, developing and producing insulation products.

Eternal theme!
People first! Customer first! Quality first !


Medium and long-term plan

1.Become the excellent supplier of international well-known electrical production enterprise.
2.Become the research and develop base of insulation products that have proprietary intellectual property rights.
3.Become the first three of the national insulation industrial manufacture.
4.Have popularity and influence in the line of international insulation profession.



Consummate the kinds of 10kV-40.5kV insulation products; research and develop 24kV series products, C-GIS( inflatable chest) insulation, main conduction loop overall seal products; other insulation products.
2.Prepare for the technology of researching and developing 110kV and above voltage class's insulation that used for GIS.
3.Indoor 12-40.5kV high-voltage circuit breaker and 12-40.5kV high- voltage disconnector
4.Electronic Mutual Inductor