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Environment Policy

1、 Obey the law and rules of environment, pollution and protect environment.
2、 Be thrifty with resource and reduce wasting materials in the process from designing to delivering.
3、 Strength the control of environmental factor in the process of production.
4、 Intensify the staff’s environmental consciousness, build modern enterprise image.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

1、Obey the national labor law and all the local law and rules.
2、Be strict during the employment, don’t employ child laborer and reject the behavior of employing child laborer, correct mistakes timely while finding problems.
3、No any kind of compelling behavior during the staff’s working process. No any form of mortgage during the employment.
4、Be equal to all staff, no discrimination on race, social stratum, nationality, native place, birth province, religion, disabled, sex, sex orientation, qualification of worker representative and Party while dealing with the affairs of employment, salary, employment opportunity, punishment and encouragement.
5、Keep improving.