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The first domestic intelligence insulator inspection robot has been passed

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    February20, some related technicist tested a science project called "insulator inspection robot" in Chinese academy of sciences Shenyang research institute of automation organized by Liaoning Firm. And this project have passed the testing smoothly.


    At present, Liaoning firm mainly uses the way of artificial task inspection, heavy labor intensity, more costs and high risk to check their transmission lines. Along with the industry development, increasing of power capacity and improving of rated voltage class, the deeper degree of contamination of electric power system transmission lines. Therefore, it definitely goes against the development of smart grid and increases the operating costs and task risk. The maintenance staff can only cooperate with the operation of robot inspection program and then the robot will be placed on the insulator who need to be overhauled after the insulator has the function to inspect robot. Robot will automatically shift the detection one after another, each time over a bunch of insulators, the intelligent insulator detector will be triggered immediately, the resistance test be finished finally.


    The project experienced three years of research achievement in science and technology by the Chinese academy of sciences Shenyang automation robotics national key laboratory and cooperated by Liaoning firm with performance tests in May 2011, is the first domestic robot who could detect the task with electrification. As well, it can be apply to the electrified detection of tension resistance tower double level string and be provided with good sports continuity, fast speed of detection task, and light wear and tear of antifouling paint coating of insulator. According to the experimental data and reasonable suggestion provide by the firm, Shenyang automation institute fully upgrade the function, performance and application of robot. After the upgrade, the robot got a new insulator function-- ride instead of walk, reduce the risk of electrical task, at the same time, the display of operation data and battery electric power would be much more stable and clear, and each test date display satisfy the practical application.


    According to the relevant departments of the firm's introduction, this robot is expected to formally apply to the detection in 500 kV power transmission lines of tension resistance tower double level string insulator insulator test in May.

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