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Safety in my Heart as well as Quality in my Hands

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  Quality month mobilization conference of Hangzhou Shuguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd has been convoked inside our plant area in July 7, 2012. There are 215 employees in our company, each of them took part in this conference.
  Our chairman Mr. Yu gave a keynote speech who pointed that this activity not only guaranteed product’ quality, department’s safety and job content which including products, process procedures, management systems, departments, etc. Quality and safety are the responsibility for any of us. During the conference, Responsibility Security Rules were signed by our chairman Mr. Yu and security chief inspector.
  It’s our tradition to develop Quality Month once a year. “Safety in my heart as well as quality in my hands”, “Thinking deeply, operating accurately, checking closely, verification seriously” and “looking for leakage point and difference, making it under control, pursuing the zero defect” were the theme in this year. Quality and safety are always the emphasis issues. The product’s quality and the employees’ safety awareness of Shuguang will be ascended to a new level in this way.

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