Keywords: insulation parts indoor disconnector series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

1991: Established Hangzhou Changming Automation Equipment Factory (attached) to produce Lingke rods and insulated pipes;

1995: Established Hangzhou Shuguang Power Equipment Factory to produce charged displays, and became a member unit of high-voltage switch branch;

1998: Established Hangzhou Shuguang Electric Appliance Equipment Factory to produce insulating parts

2001: Established Ningbo Leite Electric Co., Ltd. to produce transformers, and the same legal representative as Hangzhou Shuguang Electric Equipment Factory;

2002: Hangzhou Shuguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was established;

2007: Became the governing unit of the national high-voltage electrical insulation working group;

2007: Cooperated with Ningbo Electric Power Bureau to develop 40.5kV shielded contact boxes and bushings, which is a scientific and technological project of Zhejiang Electric Power Company; the first domestic company to obtain a national patent and pass the identification of new products and new technologies organized by Zhejiang Electric Power Company

2008: The only domestic manufacturer of insulation parts that entered the "National Grid Corporation Centralized Large-scale Purchasing Suppliers" directory;

2008: New production base-Hangzhou Shuguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. started construction;

2009: Participated in the formulation of national standards for medium voltage insulation parts;

2009: Development of 126kV high voltage live display device;

2010: The first batch passed the national "High-voltage switch industry supporting products (epoxy insulation parts) qualified enterprises" review;

2010: The new plant was put into use;

2011: The new office building was put into use;

August 2011: Zhejiang Provincial Electric Power Company KYN61-40.5 Failure Seminar was held at Dawning.

November 2011: The 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hangzhou Shuguang and its relocation celebration.